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Teaching Portfolio

Taylor Riley is a Graduate Student Assistant in the English Department at the University of Louisville.

Teaching Portfolio: Projects

English 101

Free-Writing and Workshopping in College Writing

Some students yearn for a more creative approach to academic writing, whether it’s storytelling, music or art, but they question how creativity can fit into their university studies. Although most writing at the undergrad level is formally structured, concepts of creative writing can marry into academic writing. In this course, students will write in varied forms, including journals and active-learning exercises and there will be an emphasis on the writing process, including workshopping and peer editing, to create a finished product.

English 102

News Literacy in Advanced College Writing

In recent years, fake and misleading news has been consumed from television, in print and social media. Americans receive their news from printed and online newspapers, blogs, journals, email chains, and according to the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of news is consumed from social media sources like Facebook and Twitter. Looking at these sources, though, how do you know what is fake and what is real? With the genres of news and opinion constantly overlapping, what makes a good source? In this course, we will break down news and media sources to recognize bias, and students will think critically about their roles as perceptive news consumers.

English 301

News Writing and Reporting

Journalism is a field of mystery: How do reporters work? What do they write about and how? What goes into investigating, interviews, writing and editing? In this course, students will learn key concepts of the field from an award-winning journalist who has worked in the local, regional, national and international print media industry for a decade. The course offers instruction and practice in writing and editing copy for digital and print publications.

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