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English 101: Fall 2021

Introduction to College Writing

Some students yearn for a more creative approach to academic writing, whether it’s storytelling, music or art, but they question how creativity can fit into their university studies. Although most writing at the undergrad level is formally structured, concepts of creative writing can marry into academic writing. In this course, students will write in varied forms, including journals and active-learning exercises and there will be an emphasis on the writing process, including workshopping and peer editing, to create a finished product.

On a daily basis, students will be asked to complete a free-writing exercise. for a certain amount of time at the beginning of class, about a current event, emotion, memory or another concept that will direct the conversation for the rest of class. Students will then be asked to share and the class will discuss the writing in a workshop-like style. The rest of the class period will be focused on a presentation from the instructor, along with a discussion that will be led by the class.

During the semester, students will read, watch and discuss various media sources to think about purpose, audience and other literary devices. Most, if not, all of the course will be led by discussion of academic, journalistic and classmates’ work. Essays and projects will be assigned based on the University of Louisville’s curriculum for English 101. Students will be asked to free-write and compose many drafts through the use of workshop and peer-editing to create a final product.

English 101: Courses & Programs
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