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Taylor Riley

Freelance writer, editor, consultant, teacher and public speaker

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Taylor can help you meet your editing and writing goals!

Taylor Riley is a freelance editor and writer who can help you reach your goals. Learn more about rates and services for editing, writing, consulting, workshops and tutoring by clicking on the links below!

Freelance Editing & Writing


Want me to write or edit?

If you're a publication, website, person, etc. who needs help writing or editing an article or another service like resume dubbing, click here for my rates, terms and more!

Workshops and Tutoring


Want to Write with Taylor?

Taylor gives multiple opportunities to learn to write, including virtual one-on-one workshops, tutoring sessions and more! Click the link for more info.

Public Speaking


Need a Speaker for Your Next Event?

Taylor is available to speak about writing, editing, publishing, journalism and feminism. She is always funny and engaging! Click for more details.



Need help getting started?

I've navigated the writing, editing and publishing world for more than a decade. Need help beginning your journey? Click here for more info.

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"Once upon a time I dreamed of telling my life’s story. For many years I lived a life that has revealed the wisdom within my Soul. I ask my heart to send me a master that would help me put my story into words. When the time was right, she arrived. Taylor Riley has opened the door to a whole new world. She has lifted the veil of fear and has shown me a bright future of writing. Taylor has given me the courage to look within my heart and tell my story. She has taught me that my story matters and it is worthy of recording. She has shared a wealth of information to guide me in the process. Her joyful spirit inspires me to continue the process no matter what obstacles I face. She is the Master and as she continues to grow, she reaches out her hand to me to lead the way on my path of revelation and growth. I believe Taylor will be a vital character throughout my story. I am truly blessed that we have met. I am privileged to become her student."

Kaye Dempster, Writing Client

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Get in Touch

Have a writing inquiry? Reach out today with any questions, or simply to learn more about Writing with Taylor Riley.


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